Intercultural differences have a great influence on management decisions and outcomes. For managers, intercultural competence is one of the most important requirements for working successfully in a global environment. This course enables students to identify and understand intercultural challenges, sharpens their awareness of the importance of cultural aspects and provides them with skills to solve intercultural dilemmas and tensions. In this module, students will analyze and understand modern and well-established theories and methods of intercultural management and will be able to apply these to various practical problems of global managers. They will get a comprehensive overview of the current state of intercultural management research and will be able to evaluate theoretical and empirical studies in this field.

The course includes a weekly lecture (theory) and two application sessions. 

The course will be held virtual via Zoom (link below).


Thuesday 19.10.2021-8.02.2022, 10-12pm 

Application Sessions: 

#1 Session: 08.11.2021, 17-20h 

#2 Session: 24.01.2022, 17-20h

All sessions and lectures will be held via Zoom Meetings. Check course details for links and course materials
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Dear Students, 

for all details to the course please check Moodle for "Intercultural Competence: Theory and Practice". Here you find details and course materials (e.g. manuscripts, links etc.)

The course "Competition & Strategy" focuses on an applied analysis of competition. Important concepts from strategic management, industrial organizations, and product life-cycle analysis are presented and discussed. 

Exam registration will be organized via LSF for all students. You can find the registration period on the ISC homepage. If you have questions regarding the exam registration, please contact the respective contact person at ISC.

!!!All sessions will be held via Zoom Meetings and pre-recorded videos. Check Moodle course for details and course materials!!!

This colloquium is aimed at all students who wish to write their final thesis at our chair. It is intended to support students in their research project and seeks to offer a forum for open debate and the exchange of experiences as students progress.

Colloquium sessions will consiste of student presenations of individual thesis topics, followed by a group feedback discussion.


To apply, please reach out to our team to discuss writing your final thesis with us. Please see our bachelor & master thesis overview for further information. 

This module looks at management in the world's most dynamic and significant region – East Asia. We explore what it means to do business in key economies of Asia. Selected frameworks will help us analyze market environments and international management challenges for managers and entrepreneurs alike. The course will enable students to acquire a high-level overview of management in major East-Asian economies. Students will develop a basic understanding of the practical differences of doing business in East-Asia from the ”Western” perspective and become familiar with the role frameworks can play in a structured analysis of business problem settings. The course aims to strengthen academic writing and presentation skills through individual assignments.


To apply, please refer to the Moodle course and register during the registration period. Results will be announced via your campus email address. All course applications must be made via Moodle and within the application timeframe (incl. exchange students).

Kickoff Session 25.10.2021. 18:00

Team Presentation 1: 15.11.2021
Team Presentation 2: 13.12.2021

Paper Submission: 31.01.2022

!!!!!!The course will held online via Zoom and other media formats!!! Please check the Moodle course for details, links and course materials.