eduGAIN-Access via other Higher Educational Institutions

How does access for externals work?

Access to the LMU central learning platform is open to all members of an organisation within the eduGAIN interfederation service. eduGAIN is an international interfederation service that connects identity federations from research and education. This enables the secure exchange regarding identity, authentication and authorisation information between participating federations. You can determine whether an organisation is part of the eduGAIN interfederation service in the database of all entities connected to eduGAIN:

This means that members of these organisations can log in via the dark blue "eduGAIN" button on the login page with the credentials of their home organisation without needing an additional LMU-User-ID. 

Why does it not always work?

In practice, it does not always work. In order for the login to succeed, the home organisation (the identity provider) must have approved the transfer of the credentials to our central learning platform Moodle (the service provider). Many organisations do not approve all service providers or do not allow the transfer of all data required for a Moodle account. In this case, external users will receive an error message when they try to log in:

"You are probably trying to use Shibboleth authentication. However, Moodle has not received any attributes for the users. Please check if the identity provider provides the required attributes ('REMOTE_USER', 'givenName', 'sn' and 'mail') to the Moodle service provider or inform the webmaster of the server."

This means that the home organisation of the external person does not transfer any data or all of the data that is required. In this case, the home organisation must be explicitly requested to authorise our central learning platform. (see next point "Requesting authorisation").

There is also the variant that the user account cannot be created completely and the user is shown his/her own incomplete user profile in Moodle as the first page, but does not get any further here.

If you are planning to work with external colleagues who need access to our central learning platform Moodle, please check at an early stage whether your cooperation partners can log in with the credentials of their home organisation.

Request Authorisation

Ask the affected person from the other organisation to contact their IT support directly and ask them to authorise our Moodle. Here you will find the contact details of the respective technical support (select entity type "Identity Providers").

Sample text:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am an employee of the [University/Organisation XY] and would like to participate in an
[offer/course/cooperation project] of the LMU Munich.
For this I need access to the Moodle instance there. The system
allows access via eduGAIN for all identity federations. When I attempt to log in,
I get the following error message:
[copy error message]

I would kindly request that you verify whether LMU Munichs Moodle instance as a Service Provider
has been authorised at the Shibboleth identity provider by you and, if necessary, initiate the authorisation process.

I have received the following information from the support team there:

[in the case of access to the central Moodle instance:]

[in the case of access to the Moodle instance of the medical faculty:]

The following attributes are required as a minimum to identify users
and to enable communication between teachers and learners:
* givenName
* sn
* mail

The system is approved under data protection law.
For technical questions, please contact
Please let me know if the system has been authorised so that I can try to log in again.

Thank you for your support.

With kind regards,


If you have any problems or technical queries, please feel free to contact your support.